What is Clique Identity ?

Clique Identity(CI) is a self sovereign identity (SSI) framework for web2 and web3 applications that uses blockchain and cryptography to empower individuals to take ownership and control of their digital identities. Incorporating the ideals of self sovereign identity and zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, identity-contracts is a collection of smart contracts that allow for the establishment of a private, yet verifiable, reputation on the blockchain.
When it comes to decentralized identities, one important consideration is the level of control that users have over their personal information. At Clique, we understand the importance of privacy and have implemented two layers of abstraction to address this.
  • Identity-Privacy: allowing full control and privacy over your identity.
  • Data-Privacy: allowing full control and privacy over your personal data.


An identity is a self-sovereign, user-controlled digital representation of an individual or entity, empowering them with ownership and control over their identity and data within an ecosystem.


An attestation is a digital statement of an individual's or entity's identity, credentials, or information. ZK-Attestations enhance privacy protection through zero-knowledge proofs.


Our Identity Framework was created with a commitment to simplicity and modularity. The diagram demonstrates the interplay between our modular components.