Oracle Lifecycle

The Oracle lifecycle describes the process of transforming raw user data into readable, interpretable identity vehicles.
Identity Oracle Lifecycle
The process begins with any type of data source such as gaming, social media, DeFi, NFTs. This raw data is ingested by Identity Oracles, which apply structured schemas to organize the data into a standard, readable format. The smart contract modules then process this data, resulting in attestations or verifiable credentials (VCs). Finally, the Clique SDK enables the reading and writing of this processed data, ensuring that it can be meaningfully used and interpreted.

Identity Vehicles

An attestation is like a digital stamp on some data. It's a way for one party (the attester) to say something about another party or some information. This statement gets a special digital signature to make sure it's genuine and can't be changed and is stored on the blockchain.
A Verifiable Credential (VC) is like a digital form of important documents, such as ID cards or membership cards, usually in JSON format. They are secured with a digital signature from one digital ID (DID) about another DID. This signature makes sure the credential stays unchanged and secure.