Data Sources

As a data source provider, external projects can offer an API that Clique seamlessly integrates with. This enables us to directly channel user data into our Identity Oracle, ensuring a streamlined data flow without ever storing the data ourselves. Our system acts as a conduit, effectively bridging your API with our blockchain capabilities to enhance data interaction and security.

Offchain-Data API Template

Data Source API example
We illustrate below the data return format expected from the API.
"code": 200,
"msg": "success",
"timestamp": "2024-01-25T12:00:00Z",
"data": [
"fieldName": "exampleField1",
"value": 123,
"valueType": "integer"
"fieldName": "exampleField2",
"value": true,
"valueType": "bool"
"fieldName": "exampleField3",
"value": "exampleString",
"valueType": "string"
// ... additional objects can be added here