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Private Attestations

Attestations are about attesting to statements of truth. Subsequently, Zero Knowledge proofs can be used to verify the accuracy of information without revealing the information itself. Combined, we have the ability for verifiable, private attestations on chain.
Let's briefly explore 2 ways where the this can be used. The first approach involves a preliminary step where, prior to making an attestation, a proof is verified. Only upon successful validation does the attestation proceed, ensuring an added layer of authenticity. In the second approach, the zk-proof itself becomes the attestation data. Allowing to prove the veracity of the statement directly onchain whilst maintaining privacy.
The integration of this is made seamlessly for users through the Clique app. Users are simply required to sign a message via their wallet. This action produces a seed, which we subsequently used to generate their Clique-Identity, serving as the foundation for all ZK operations. Detailed technical insights on the entire process can be found here.