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Attestor Contracts at Clique are engineered for seamless interaction with the Verax and EAS attestation registries, embodying our custom identity logic crucial for issuing attestations with a focus on identity verification, privacy preservation, and data integrity.

Verax Attestor

Our Verax Attestor Contracts comprise various components tailored for specific functions in the attestation process.
The CliquePortal serves as the main gateway for all attestations made by Clique, channeling them to the Verax registry securely.
Identity Verification Module
This module ensures accurate authentication of the data subjects of attestations.
Privacy Preservation Module (ZKPs)
Leveraging Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), this module ensures privacy while verifying sensitive information.
Schema Verification Module
Ensures schemas adhere to predefined standards before being employed in attestations.
Signature Verification Module
This module validates the signatures on attestations, confirming their legitimacy.
These components form a robust framework, aligning with both the Verax protocol and our ethos of secure, reliable, and privacy-centric attestation infrastructure.

EAS Attestor

For EAS, we have a singular contract, the CliqueResolver, tailored to interface with the EAS protocol, encapsulating our identity logic.
In EAS, resolver contracts like CliqueResolver attach to an attestation schema, executing the logic governing the attestations.
  • Identity Verification: Ensures precise authentication of attestation subjects before issuance to the registry.
  • Schema Verification: Verifies the schema against predefined standards, ensuring proper format and structure.
  • Signature Verification: Validates attestation signatures, ensuring authenticity and integrity.
The CliqueResolver facilitates a streamlined approach to managing attestations within the EAS ecosystem, ensuring alignment with the EAS protocol while upholding our commitment to secure, reliable, and user-centric attestation infrastructure.