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About Attestor

The Ethereum ecosystem has recently seen substantial growth in attestation, reputation, and identity protocols. However, for these protocols to thrive, they need a reliable and verifiable source of data provenance. Our solution employs cutting-edge technologies, such as Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) and multi-party computation (MPC), to deliver a robust set of data pipelines for these protocols, ensuring their success.
Clique is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of online users' identities and data. Our commitment to privacy is exemplified by the use of zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, which we aim to make accessible to protocols across Ethereum and all L2s. In doing so, we ensure that the Ethereum ecosystem benefits from data with verifiable provenance while protecting users' privacy.
We firmly believe in the future of self-sovereign, on-chain user identities. Our identity oracles facilitate the trustless movement of off-chain data onto the blockchain. By leveraging cryptographic signatures and zero-knowledge proofs, users can store this data as attestations and zk-attestations, allowing them to maintain control over their information without exposing it to the public.
Our mission is to make our work accessible for everyone to build upon and utilize. We strive to simplify the use of identity oracles, allowing anyone to bring data on-chain in a trustless, decentralized, and privacy-preserving way.